Is Regular Commercial Cleaning Enough?


We hear the term “the new normal” more often now as the world learns to overcome and adapt to COVID-19. The pandemic has caused significant changes in all business sectors, and when it comes to commercial cleaning services, the new normal is certainly not business as usual. Commercial cleaning and office cleaning companies have had to change rapidly, and to innovate procedures, products and processes to meet higher expectations and requirements for cleaning and disinfecting in commercial and public spaces. ‘Regular’ pre-COVID cleaning procedures are now simply not good enough to ensure health and safety in facilities and workplaces.

Most business owners and managers have also had to change protocols and policies around commercial cleaning since the emergence of the pandemic. They now know that professional cleaning and disinfecting is critical, not only for appearance and general hygiene, but as a proactive measure to prevent risk of disease transmission, and to keep their businesses and organizations not just clean but healthy and safe.

In general, most people have pivoted in their behaviours and attitudes towards the importance of cleaning and disinfection since the emergence of COVID-19. We are now more informed about how disease transmission can occur and that having proper cleaning and disinfecting solutions is crucial for health and safety. In addition, the increased availability of educational information, advertisements and discussions about the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of cleaning and disinfection means that the public is now more aware that not all cleaning methods and products are the same or achieve the same effect.

Changing Attitudes Towards Cleaning Post-COVID

A recent study by a leading manufacturer and supplier of sanitary wipes in the UK revealed the following statistics that point towards changing attitudes and concerns around cleaning as a result of COVID-19.1

  • 82% of respondents are more aware of how they clean since the pandemic began.
  • 91% stated that they are more aware than ever of the cleaning measures taking place in public spaces.
  • 75% said they would feel more comfortable and confident if they could see visible evidence of cleaning happening.
  • 60% of workers have taken on extra cleaning responsibilities since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

With this global shift in awareness about the importance of cleanliness to prevent disease transmission, particularly in public, commercial and work environments, it is more important than ever to be able to rely on professional commercial cleaning and disinfecting services that have also changed with the times. Facility managers need to know they can depend on those who are able to offer enhanced levels of cleaning and disinfection, to provide peace of mind that COVID-19 prevention measures are being maintained at the highest levels.

In response to the changing requirements for cleaning and disinfecting in the workplace, many commercial cleaning companies are employing advanced technologies such as disinfectant fogging and electrostatic disinfecting, particularly in larger facilities and those with difficult to reach areas.

To further address heath and safety concerns as businesses and facilities reopen, ServiceMaster Clean has designed an innovative science-based PROTECT-3 ADVANCE™ program, as part of its Healthy Office initiative, to provide comprehensive cleaning and disinfecting services, including anti-microbial continuous preventative protection, for facilities of all types and sizes.

ServiceMaster Clean is aligned with Health Canada recommendations and has the experience and resources to implement effective cleaning and disinfecting protocols within offices and business facilities of all types and scale, to help prevent outbreak and spread of infectious disease.